Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journal Entry.

Jul 7, 2011-
(One week after camp)

"Camp…was amazing. (Insert name) is amazing. But then i get back here…
And i begin to doubt all of that. I doubt the times we had. The experiences. Like they never actually happened?
Mostly, i think i doubt her.
God, why do i always do this?!
It happened. I was there. But then i get back…
& I do this.
& its not just with her.
I doubt everyone.
Why…why is it so hard for me to trust?Why is it so hard to trust the people that deserve it?
I have NO problem trusting people i shouldn't!

God…please help me to trust…starting with You…<3mp"

Is it possible though, that i knew what i was doing? When i decided to…
Oh my gosh.
And here i am whining about her doing…the EXACT. SAME. THING.
I have nothing else to say.

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