Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blessings in disguise, You pull me back and open my eyes.

As i stare outside at the green trees; at the endless blue sky that i just want to fall into; im reminded that everyday holds the potential for beauty. Im reminded of second chances. Im reminded that God is there. He is always there.
And He created this day for us! He created everything for us!
And in this moment my selfish desires and sinful desires are set aside. I don't feel them overpowering me, as they can sometimes do.
In this moment....i feel God.
And im not gonna lie, its been a while since i could truly say that.
But no matter, because i can now :)
You know, in this moment i was tempted to focus on the negatives. Im sick, im missing church, and now i have to babysit my little brothers on top of that.
But, almost subconsciously, my brain stopped and said "focus on the positives". Like, i seriously didn't have to think!
And i have 2 people to thank for that. God for sure, because all Good things come from Him.
And a special blogging friend :) Who, if she reads this, she will know. <3
Like, wow! I was just....amazed.
And then i pull back the curtains and literally, it was like God's Mercy just streamed in, intermixed with the rays of sunshine that He has blessed us with today.