Monday, October 31, 2011

im sick. not physically though.
gosh this whole thing is just one.huge.mess.
and everyone wonders why i just wanna run away and start over where
but theres a couple people i dont wanna leave behind.
but somedays...
sigh. and now i have people im close to in different places.
ive created quite the situation for myself.
somedays i feel like i could never pick. so i should just forget it and leave everyone and start over.
but i know i would hate that. i would miss these few select people.
but my.gosh.
and the worst part 5 days...i have to live in the midst of allll the drama. :P
funny how ONE person can ruin something that should be so meaningful and such a good time.
but we both decided how we are gonna handle this. we are equally annoyed and sick of the drama and false pretenses.
im not worried. im just sick.
sick and tired of playing games with everyone.

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