Monday, October 31, 2011

"I wanna be your friday night, sweet ride, summertime sunshine, barefoot in the moonlight...i wanna set you free, i wanna take you high, i wanna be wanna be your friday night." 

i wanna be that one girl you cant live without. i KNOW theres other girls in your life. i dont want to be the ONLY girl..i just want to be your favorite.
granted, i dont want you taking those other girls out, or saying the kinds of things you say to me to them...
but i know you have friends. its ok. im not gonna get all possessive and jealous. i swear, im not like that :)
i want to be the girl that makes you smile. the one that can turn your whole day around. i want to be the first girl on your mind when you wake up and the girl you dream about when you fall asleep. i want to mean more to you than any other girl friend you have. i want to be your girlfriend 

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