Monday, October 31, 2011

date. that word tastes so sweet on my lips.
thats what saturday was.
thats what next sunday will be.
and then, you asked me out again!
ill admit, i wasnt expecting a second date.
not like im assuming things, but ive seen the types of girls you usually go for.
and im a complete opposite of them.
i was pleasantly surprised when you didnt try anything. but i figured since we didnt clarify that it was a date that you werent sure it was appropriate or else you werent interested like that.
well...i guess it was a date. and you asked me out again so..i guess youre interested :)
seriously im in shock over all this. i just hope you know that, with all due respect, im not like your last girlfriend. seriously, no disrespect not that kinda girl.
sighh...i really think i like you.
you are so freakin sweet to me! seriously, i smile every time i talk to you. you arent all lines though. we have real respect my standards and morals..
and youre sweet to me. so sweet.
all i hope now is that youre not like this with anyone else. seriously, i better be the only girl. your only girl. because A. i dont play games. and B. youre my only guy.
i really think we got something good going here. i really think we have a chance.
i play this out and see where it goes. its going somewhere obviously.
and finally, i just have to say i LOVE the way you manned up and asked me out, made the moves, asked me out again. i didnt wait for me to do the mans job AND i didnt step up and try to take things in my own hands.
so far, id say we are off to a pretty good start :D

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