Saturday, January 8, 2011

"that you, will never be..." ♥

"i used to accept it, i didn't know i could be free, but i am, and i won't go back cuz you so don't deserve me, i don't even wanna be her, i'm sorry for changin, i'm sorry it had to be this way, believe me, it's easier just to pretend, but i won't apologize...why should i apologize, no i won't apologize for who i am." ♥ never. ever. will you get me to change. you won't ever get me to apologize. because you know what? i'm NOT sorry. and i don't think i ever will be. why should i be? can you tell me that? no. i know you can't. but you aren't the type to have a logical argument with. i forgot, you are perfect, i am the one that i always wrong. no, i'm not the only one. you are just the only one that is ever right. it is so clear that everyone else lies, but you are ALWAYS right (can you sense it? my sarcasm? yea, i thought so...) what you did today was unacceptable. what he did, what you let him do...over and over and over! seriously?! yea..but people write it off. 'that's just how they are'. or they side with you. i know you don't think you really are perfect. you might tell yourself that so you can sleep, but you don't honestly believe that! no, i know you don't. but i won't even bother to ask, because i already know what you'd say, and i also already know the truth. nothing about you is real anymore. nothing about you is genuine, or sincere...and i'm not sure it ever was. but even if it was, its not there anymore. you aren't that same person, assuming you ever were. which, let me tell you, is a stretch, and a BIG "if". but, then again, so are you. just a big "if". a stretch. nope. nothing real there. nothing honest. you are just one big lie and that seems to be what you are after so, fine, i'll let you there. and i am sorry if this hurts you. i am sorry but i am also sorry for being sorry.
because i know that is one thing...amongst many...that you will just never be.

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