Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"there's no lookin back, i took off my rearview..."

haha, i just realized it is now november :) its so crazy to think that there is only 2 more months of this year left! less than 60 days away from the end of 2010!! it scares me a little. to think that another year of my life has passed me by, basically. i haven't done a dang thing to make a difference. i made like 30 some new years resolutions this year and i don't think i stuck to a single one. my life is spinning out of control and i am just now stopping to realize this.

or maybe i am just blowing things out of proportion...again. maybe i really do have everything under control.

and maybe i'd be lying to say that.

the truth is,  i have no control.

and i haven't put Him in control either. 

what do i do?? how do i get my life on the track i so desperately want it to be?? i have been trying to get to youth group at my new church. but as it turns out, both times i have gotten up early to go, they weren't having it. why is it that even when i want my life to be on track, i can't seem to get it there??? 

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