Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blank It Out!!!

this is probably one of my favorite songs ever that i wrote <3 its a song written from quite a few different angles, and includes some real things that happen almost exactly as described. it is written with a certain person in mind...of course ;) anyways, i just wanted to share this and...let me know what you think? :) thanks! ~Momo <3

Blank It Out

theres not a day that passes by that i dont think about you
i still apologize to the silence whenever i do
i look in the mirror and all i see
isn't the beautiful girl that i used to be
i see the girl that left you out in the cold
i see the girl that broke your heart that was whole

i walk outside the wind hits my face
and i flash back for the second time today
to last december we walked these streets 
i was freezing and you gave your sweatshirt to me
that left you bare armed in the crisp december air
i pointed that out, you said you didn't care
if i was warm that's all that mattered
you were the best boyfriend i've ever had
i wish i could've captured the look on your face when i told you this wasn't working out
i wish i had it stored somewhere so i could blank it out….

why'd you have go and be so perfect
how i was the one that had to ruin it
and you were there every second you never let me down
and i know i crushed you…but you never made a sound
i say i can't reminisce
but you don't seem to get it
you take me back
make me look at that….again

when summer came around
we were messin around
and you grabbed the garden hose
i ran around screamin "no!!"
yet, relentlessly
you sprayed me
and we fell to the ground
laughin aloud
you whispered something bout missin me and how it felt
you just can't see i wanna blank it out

i get up and scream
im so so sorry
i wish i had a picture
i'd throw it in the fire
and smile as i watched it burn
but even though the trace is gone
that doesn't change what i did wrong
your memory still screams 'when will you ever learn???'
~~~~~~~~~~~~~musical breakdown~~~~~~~~~~~~
yet your silence is blatant
you look me in the eyes and i wish you wouldn't
just yell, scream
do something
don't sit there and look at me
c'mon, come and hurt me….

but you keep your silence,
i say, "do you know how much i'm hurting"
and stunned by your answer i step back
you say "i sure do, i know all about that…."
and then im beggin, 
down on my knees and everything
let's move on, now, and forget about
baby join me and let's blank it out…..<3

thanks for checkin this out and if ya wanna let me know what you think?? :) haha, thanks! Love, MoMo :)


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

you are so gifted with words. and i loved the rhyming! it just rolls off my tongue so nice when i say it. haha :)

Hannah and Morgan said...

<3 <3 <3 thanks! :) idk why, i usually don't look for compliments like that, but all of sudden i found myself typing this post and then....yea. but thank you :) it means a lot! :)