Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I deserve better...still. (part 2)

Ok. So you win. Happy? I give. 
I'm leaving. I'm running away... Again. But this time inreally believe I'm running for the right reasons. I've been stuck in this mindset of not running and just sucking it up and getting over it. But sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.
Sometimes someone is doing you no good. A situation is crummy and the places and people you surround youself with are no longer bringing out the best in you. 
I'm feeling this now. Many times I've said that I'm giving this up. That I'm done becuase it's hurting more than it's worth. But then something would happen which would make me rethink my decision.
And I would stay. 

But no more.
I'm leaving. Now it's not just peoples stupidity, it's personal. When someone starts attacking me, I usually fight back. But... Not this time. For some reason. Maybe because it's just not worth my breath. Maybe because YOU'RE just not worth it. You're not. It's really not that big of a deal. There is only one roadblock here for me. I am all set to leave you and all the drama and pain behind. 
But there's some people I DON'T wanna leave behind. I've made friends there. I love being around these people that make me happy.
But I just remind myself that if they are really my friends, we will see each other outside of the work setting. And that's already happened so... Whatever happens... Happens. 
And that is a chance I just have to take because I can't remain in the situation I'm in. 
I'm not gonna stay in this place because you have ruined it for me and it's not even the same for me anymore. 
And I'm not gonna stay and let you be stupid to me. I deserve so much better and no one is ever gonna know that if I just keep putting up with you. 
So, goodbye. Goodbye to stupidity and ignorance. 
Hello to happiness and life... :)

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