Friday, June 18, 2010

Im Awake Now

Hey yall, im back :)
and ive got good news this time! I've "come back to" God. Not like i really walked away. but id just become very desensitized to the ways of this world and i'd really fallen away from having a relationship with Him. i was feeling like something was missing. i was feeling a little empty. And i was wondering what could fill me up. I was looking around the world trying to find what i thought i needed and wondered why it wasnt coming to me. and when it did come...why wasnt i feeling full...or at least better. why was it that all those relationships that i thought would make me feel less lonely actually did the opposite?
Its cuz they werent permanent. God is ALWAYS there. But my friends... arent. No human can be. I feel like being away from a church for so long, i forgot what i knew deep in my heart.
But this past week at church there was an 'Army of One' gathering. Lots of churches came together and we just worshipped for about 2 hours. And if anything is going to speak to me, its music. it was amazing. i could just literally FEEL God's Presence wash over me. I didnt even really wanna go Mini Golfing after that, which, honestly, is the big reason i went that night. (well, that and friends...) But God used that opportunity and...Pulled me to Him. He knew i needed it. I became sorta vulnerable there. I was open. And Jesus just jumped in. i dont know exactly how to explain it. i know it was real. it still is. I am making a more conscious (sp?) effort to have a relationship with Jesus. I dont WANT it to just be my 'religion'. i want it to be the relationship i say it is. And now im really getting back to that!! :) Praise God, right? He always knows exactly what we need and how to get it to us!! :)
So, i just wanted to tell all my blogging friends about this amazing experience...revitalization :D
momo <3


Lady Florimel said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are in my prayers! God is on the move, that I am sure of. From many expeirences I know friends will let you down, but it seems I countinue to fall into that trap of feeling they will supply my needs. THEY DO NOT!

Even when we feel like our relationship with Christ is stagnant, HE is there, and testing us. Hold firm to Chirst and HIS truths, with Him you are sure of safe ground. Love you!!
And praying for your walk w/ Jesus.
Your Friend,
Alena <3 <3

The Lord is my rock, my fortess and my deliver, My God, is my rock, in whom I take refuge, He is my sheild, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold!
-Psalm 18:2

Hannah and Morgan said...

Thank you so much. is it ok for me to post this? cuz i can delete it if its not! thank you for your words of encouragement! i know so many things in my mind but it takes awhile for my heart to realize them. like, i know that my friends will let me down but i still fall 100% into them and expect them to fill my every need... needs that only my Jesus can fill. but i am working on that, for sure! :D


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

amen girl :)
i don't why i never read this until now?! but this is just proof of how God is working within you :)