Sunday, April 18, 2010

Challenge week 2

Hi, everyone.
I am back again, I stopped the challenge on Thursday. The clothes and music challenge that is. But not the bible challenge. I have learned a lot this week.
1. That looks don't matter, it's the inside that counts.
2. That the bible is totally relative to my life.

I was reading Genesis 26-50 this week, and i realized that these people faced some of the same challenges we did like death, lying, jealously, etc. It tears people apart. However, If we are facing something tough we keep it to ourselves or go tell our friends. If they were facing something tough they would go to God and their family. I think we always need to go to God 1st. Our friends can't change anything, They are GREAT, they have a shoulder we can cry on. And they can comfort us with words and give us hugs and make us laugh but that feeling is only temporary. But God can help us for good. He will help you move on.
I think the most touching story for me this week was Joesph's. He faced the concequences of his brother's jealousy. But they turned out to be good in the end. If you haven't read that story yet I think you should read it right away. It was very eye-opening to see that people way back when faced some of the same problems we face today. So those of you who are doing the clothing challenge, Music challenge, tv challenge, Bible challenge, one or all (if any) Keep going you can do it and it is very rewarding.


My Imaginary Horse said...

Hey Morgan and Hannah!
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My Imaginary Horse said...

Hi Hannah!
Just thought I would say hi.
So HI!!!!!! :)