Friday, February 18, 2011

"it's not so much that i am needing you, it's more like i'm SO lost without you..."

it's a gorgeous spring day outside! I am loving it! Every second :) i cannot wait for the spring rains and the flowers; the dresses and flip flops...and even further away, the careless days of summer...ahhh. :) how easily i am swept up! i know i should be happy with where i am now. but the dismal days of winter are wearing me thin. i am tired of them. tired.
....i have been trying to not think about it, but for a moment i will indulge myself. i have been missing you for so long now. and i have been trying SO hard not to think about it but...

"both the sunshine and the rain
only increase my pain
everywhere i look feels empty and lonely
i will never be complete till you're here with me
i break at the slightest tap
somewhere along the line i lost all the strength i had
i am weak because of you
lost here without you"

...i know better than all of that. Most of the time. 
but not right now.
i don't know how better to say this...


Lady Florimel said...

Morgan, I know just what you mean about spring! Oh, I can't wait to walk around and not be cold all the time! And also it will just be nice to not have to wear SO many layers of clothing! ;)
Hope you are doing good dearie (little worried about you with the end of your post, hope everything is ok.) Also I really wish we would have been able to get together today! :/
Have a good weekend!

Momo :) said...

Yes, that will be these bestest!! haha :) i love spring!!
Thank you! i am ok, just missing someone ♥ i am fine though! sorry to worry you! And thank you for asking :) Yes, i wish we could have too! But thank you for trying and hopefully we will be able to work out another day :)
Thank you and same to you! ♥