Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fairytale Love

well, what better place to start than something that so many teenagers are constantly dealing with? Dating. and, okay, i've never been on a date, but that doesn't mean i haven't heard anything about it or i haven't thought about it or read about it or seen it on tv or watched while all my friends dated. And i've noticed something. People are always getting hurt. you can yell and tell me i'm wrong and say that's so not true, but if you stop and think about it, that is what usually happens. At least, at this age. We are too young to get married so why are we even doing this? i think its because at 13, 14, 15 whatever, we have just discovered guys and everyone's all obsesed about who likes who and you've got guys looking at you and you like them and...well, we just wanna test things out. we wanna see how things work and more than that, we don't wanna be the only ones not in on this game. if you just showed up at school one day and announced that you aren't gonna date until you are of marrying age, people would look at you like you're either A. joking. B. Crazy and insane. or C. a nun. and i'm guessing you don't wnat to be any of those things. and plus, dating's fun. what's wrong with it. you can say, "i am sticking to my convictions" or "i follow my parents rules about this" or "we aren't sleeping together, so what's the big deal?" or maybe you just don't care at all. but...what if, all convictions aside, i could give you a really good reason. it has nothing to do with right or wrong at all. its about a fairytale. ya know, like when you were 5 years old and you thought you'd be a princess and your prince would ride up on that white horse and take you away and you live happily ever after? i know that seems ridiculous, but really, maybe there is fairytale love out there and we are missing it becuase we are caught up in pursuing random guys "just for fun."doesn't make as much sense when you look at it like that. it didn't to me anyway. see, i WANTED to date; my parents wouldn't let me. and they still won't. but the difference is now, i want to hold out for the fairytale love. cause i just think it'd be so magical to be dating the one guy i wanna spend the rest of my life with and have everything to give him. to be a new package with no extra baggage. no regrets. it sounds beautiful to me. that doesn't mean i don't like to read romance books or watch tv shows about love ( i almost cried when Joe and Stella kissed on JONAS the other day!) i still love listening to music that talks about love, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, all them guys that write about love. i still dream about guys and crush (hard) over guys i like. i'm just not dating them. and this isn't all about me too. by not dating them, i am allowing them to keep what they would've given to me. that piece of their love and energy that they can give to their wife someday and if the one of the guys i've crushed on ends up being my husband, i'll still be glad i didn't take something from him that wasn't mine. so, there ya have it, my opinion on dating. hope i didn't overwhelm anyone, and i'm not guaranteeing this is going to work and you'll have a fairytale love. but isn't it worth a shot? what are you really giving up...?


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